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HR & Payroll


Different countries have different labor laws. Getting HR and Payroll services from Project T will help ensure computations and all other HR actions of the company are based on the updated department of labor mandate.

E.g. One cannot just terminate a Filipino employee without following the process. You can avoid unnecessary legal impediments by getting these services.

Increase Productivity

Payroll processing can be time-consuming. You have to consider the mandated benefits (which could be different per person), holiday rules, paid and unpaid time-offs, and individual contracts when computing. Outsourcing it allows you to spend more time on the core business. It also frees you from worries of committing errors.

Once you get these services, you will only have to approve payroll data twice a month. Biometrics logs of employees can be sent to you or to make things easier, we can also monitor it for you. Drafting of memoranda can also be done by our competent HR personnel.

Reduce Costs

Getting these services outsourced seems too expensive for most but if one plans to build a competent HR and Payroll team, one must at least hire a compliance officer, a benefits specialist, and a payroll officer. Getting quality employees to fill this post can be cost a company a lot of money not just for the salaries but also for the mandated benefits, the overtime pays that will surely be incurred, etc.

Once you avail of Project T’s services, you get access to an HR Manager, lawyers, compliance officers, at least 2 payroll officers, a benefits specialist and an employee retention specialist.

Free Technology Upgrade

Payroll software change and improve in time. It is important to be updated all the time to ensure compliance. Getting these services will give you access to free upgrades. You won’t have to pay for improvements every time.