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Commercial and Residential Space

Access to Listings

Finding your next office on your own is possible but not as easy as hiring a brokerage company to do it for you.

Project T has access to available listings of both big and small property developers. We will provide you with an unrestricted access to the information. You have the choice whether to talk directly with the providers, have as function as the middle person, or we can do all the work for you.

Broker Fees

Project T will only get standard fees once a deal has been closed. No other fees will be collected from clients.

In case of multiple brokers, clients will only deal with Project T’s assigned broker and none else. This will make transactions simpler and easier for our clients.

Experience and Industry Knowledge

Project T assigns a maximum of 3 accounts per broker to make sure that each account will be handled accordingly. Each broker has expertise on different locations. This gives clients the peace of mind that they will be dealing only with knowledgeable brokers. These people have access to market data that are not always available in public.

Reduced Time and Legwork

Gaining access to a readily available updated listing will save you a huge amount of time and legwork. You won’t have to go around for days or even weeks looking for the space you need. The assigned broker will trim down the listings and schedule viewings for you. The broker will also assist you with documents and contracts necessary to close the deal.

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