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Business Continuity Plan

Plan B for Office Location

You can have your operations in any part of the Philippines and not worry about disruptions in your operations by getting a plan b location. We will guarantee a number of seats for you that will be ready for use in an hour. 

E.g A company’s headquarters can be in Clark. In case of emergencies, you can bring your employees to Manila. Notify us, and once you arrive, the office will be ready for your operations.

Plan B for Employee’s Accommodation

We don’t just plan for your office needs, we also make sure that when you bring in employees from elsewhere, we have residential units that can accommodate them. We can provide access to dormitory accommodations, apartment types or hotel room options. 

Plan B for Transportation

Project T can also process your land, air and sea travels. Visas, if needed, can also be processed by our travel team. This will make sure that you won’t have to worry about the logistics of bringing in employees from any part of the world.

Business Continuity planning is a significant part of running a small or big business. Securing this type of service gives you an assurance that you will be able to continue with your operations in case of emergencies.

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