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Build to Suit


Getting a build to suit service will allow you to have your own office based on your company’s design and function requirement without paying for a huge capital expenditure. Project T will shoulder this and let you pay on a monthly basis.

Access to the Best Suppliers

You won’t need to source out your own contractors as Project already has a pool of service and product providers who are all on top of their games. The list of suppliers include interior design and architectural firms, furniture and appliance vendors, technology and telecommunications providers and more. 

Access to Expert Consultancy Services

Doing business in the Philippines will save you money in a lot of ways but in order to maximize this advantage, one must know the ins and outs of the industry. Project T’s legal, compliance, and investment officers can provide expert end to end solutions to any investor or start-up company.

Access to Quality Spaces

Getting this service will save you the hassle of researching for available office spaces, trimming down the best options, and surveying whether the space is of good match to the requirements of the company. Project T maintains an updated inventory of quality commercial spaces.

Own Design and Function Requirements

Project T will fit out an office based on the client’s own design and function requirements. The assigned project management team will take care of the entire process from concept to completion with the approval of the client. The layout, ceiling and floor design, colors of the walls, type of tables and chairs, technology and equipment brand and capacity, etc. will all be chosen by the customer. Project T makes sure that clients make well-informed design and function related decisions by providing data on the current trends and best practices.

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