November 12, 2018, 5:43 pm

Top 4 Tips for Managing Remote Employees

In the ever changing world that we live and work in, it is not uncommon to have employees work from home or from remote or offshore locations. The advances in technology allow for people to work almost anywhere across the globe, provided they have a decent internet connection, and still be connected to their colleagues like they seated in the next workspace.

However this type of operational structure is not without its challenges. You have to contend with time zone differences for those working offshore, and for those working from home challenges around internet outages can never be totally avoided.

One way that business can overcome some of these challenges, is through the recruitment practices used and they ways that the business manages its remote located employees.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 tips for managing remote employees:

Hire the right people

When recruiting people who are going to be working remotely (either at home or offshore) you need to ensure that you hire people who are committed to going to their place of work and getting their work done. Make sure that you conduct face to face interviews (via video conferencing or Skype) so you can get a good feel for the candidate, and ensure that you spell out for the candidate the expectations of their role and working environment. Apply emphasis to the responsibility and accountability that comes from working remotely and working productively.


Be In Constant Communication

Working in the same location as your colleagues, means that communication comes very naturally and organically due to the fact you are in the same location. Quite often remote employees can feel left out of the communication process due to restrictions of them working from remote locations. To combat this it is encouraged that you schedule weekly team meetings, and monthly one on one meetings. To ensure that staff feel part of this process, send out reoccurring meeting invites, so team knows that these meetings are going to happen and when.


Host Visual Meetings

Host as many of your meeting as possible using video conferencing. There are so many platforms available these days that allow you to hosts free video conferences, for multiple participants, that you would be crazy not to do this. The benefits of hosting team meetings and one one one’s via video conferencing are many, but the major benefit is that you get to see your team members and they get to see you. This also allows for team members working from different locations to get see each other and form more lasting relationships.

Video Conference

Online Workspaces Are Your Friend

When you are managing team members who are working remotely, keeping everyone updated on the correct work processes or changes to processes can be a challenges. However you need to remember that online workspaces are your friend and allow you to keep centralized versions of documents, so your team are all working from the same process. One product that can help you achieve is this is Sharepoint, which is part of the Microsoft suite of products.

Online Workspaces

So there you have our top 4 tips for managing remote employees. The team at Project T are experts in this field and can help provide you with additional guidance and advice through our experienced staff leasing team.

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Stewart McGregor

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