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How to Stay Productive after a Long Weekend

How to Stay Productive after a Long Weekend

Accomplishing tasks in the office can be hard after a long weekend. We all know what the first day back in the office is like after a long weekend.  Your mind is still in long weekend mode and you are constantly thinking back to the precious moments that you were able to spend with your family and friends. Or perhaps it was a long weekend at the beach with friends, enjoying the sun and partying the night away, that keeps your mind on anything but your priorities at the office.

The month of August in the Philippines has us celebrating Nino Aquino Day and National Heroes Day, with these days listed as a special non-working day and a regular holiday respectively. These two days provider employees with back to back long weekends in August, and perhaps a greater than usual struggle to be productive in the workplace .

If you are an employee, then this blog post from the team at Project T might be all that you need to stay productive when you return to the office. If you are an employer or business owner, this will definitely apply to you, and you might also benefit from our previous blog post on “Managing Public Holidays in the Philippines”.

Ok, so let’s get to the specifics now of staying productive after a long weekend.

Sleep Schedule

We all know that late nights are more enjoyable when you don’t have to work the next day. And with a long weekend, the temptation is even greater as you have an extra day to sleep in. Just remember that at the end of the long weekend, the alarm will still go off, and you will need to be alert and on time for the office. Our advice is to find the balance between a consistent sleep schedule, and enjoying your time outside the office.

Assess and Organize

Make sure than one of the first things you do upon returning to the office is to assess and organize how you will attack the day. Take the time to check the volume of emails in your inbox, the appointments in your calendar, and any projects or tasks that you have ongoing.

Plan your day

After you have quickly assessed your tasks and commitments, its best to plan the day ahead, so you don’t get lost and achieve nothing. Schedule time to review and reply to your emails, to ensure you keep up to date on your communication, it might be best to schedule this twice on your first day back. Include in this plan, any meetings you have committed to attend, as well as those tasks which are a priority to complete. This should allow you to have a productive day, without missing any meetings or deadlines.

Make time to be social

We all want to catch up with our office mates and share stories of what we did on the weekend. The best way to avoid this becoming the priority of the first day back is to schedule a lunch or a coffee break with your office mates in amongst your work commitments. This will allow for some social activity, whilst prioritizing your work commitments across the day. 

The first day back in the office after a long weekend does not need to be stressful, and provided you are organized and focused, it can be a productive experience.

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