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Shared Office in the Philippines

A service known as shared office space is one of the most important services for a startups in the Philippines. A shared office space offers everything you'd expect in a fully-functional work space. Instead of having to take care of so many requirements when putting up your own office, a shared office can very convenient with no requirements for signing a lengthy lease and being locked into paying long term rental fees. A shared space allows you to rent office space on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on what your individual needs are.

Here are some of the benefits of setting up your business in a shared office space.

Cost Efficiency

If you want to put up a business and rent an office space, you will know how expensive it is especially if the office that you want is in the Central Business District like in Makati CBD, Ortigas, Eastwood and Bonifacio Global City. Availing a Shared Office Space can cut your rent up to 70%. Imagine how much discount you can earn and allocate that money in other expenses of your business. A shared space gives you access to an office that is ready to go as soon as you sign up for services. This can be a game changer in regards to your productivity, creativity and financial potential.


Office Facilities and Amenities

Shared office can give you the best facilities and amenities access. If you wish your office is like the big companies with full of facilities and amenities, shared office can give you everything depends on the packages that you avail from it. Instead of buying or filling up your office with the equipment that you wish for, in Shared office, they have already the equipment ready to use or access.


We know that putting a business means lot of paper and requirements contract to deal with. In shared office, all you need to do is avail the complete services then they are the one that process all your requirements. One thing more, once you avail and signed, you can start immediately.  Easy process means time convenience and ready to start your business as soon as possible.


In shared office, you can meet more people that working in their business too. You can communicate with them and make them as your possible client in your product and service too. There is a possibility also of exchanging thoughts that will help in your both businesses.


Safe Work Space

Instead of working everywhere, Like in the coffee shop, bar, etc.; Shared office can give you work in an office with security and safe ambiance. You have your own work station with fast computer and excellent internet connection.

Project T

For those business individuals who are looking for an excellent Shared office space in Makati CBD, Bonifacio Global City, you can check out Project T.

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