August 30, 2018, 9:46 am

Project T Virtual Tours

Project T offers a state of the art, modern workplace that offers serviced office and co-working spaces in Metro Manila.  This premium workspace is located in the central business district of Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

An attractive proposition for companies based in the Philippines to outsource their operations, as well as for foreign companies looking to offshore their operations to the Philippines. Project T also provides staff leasing services in the Philippines, to assist with foreign companies who have not yet incorporated a business in the Philippines.

Since our opening in March 2017, we have prided ourselves on providing an engaging workspace that keeps our customers as our core focus.  Day in and day out our teams work together to ensure our clients are provided with fast and reliable internet services, meeting and conference rooms and lounge and pantry areas.

To assist potential future clients in making the choice of their outsourcing and offshoring partner, the team at Project T have put together two options to take a virtual view of the Project T workspace. 

The first options is our “Virtual Walkthrough Video” located on the Project T YouTube Channel.

This minute and a half video captures the essence of the Project T facility, which is located atop of the Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Centre in Bonifacio Global City. This video provides a snapshot of the internal features of the facility, ranging from office spaces, to the game nook, as well as the sleeping quarters.

The video also highlights the external features of our facility, the stunning views from the 23rd Floor of the Bonifacio Corporate Centre, as well as the beautiful design of the building itself.

Featured also in this video, are scenes from the Grand Opening Party of Project T from March 2017.

The second options is our 360 Degree Virtual Tour, that can be found on the Project T website

This 360 Degree Virtual Tour is inspired by Google Street View, and provides an avenue to view the entire Project T workspace from your PC or Laptop.

There are two ways to view the workspace from the Virtual Tour:

Workspace Ribbon

Located at the bottom of the screen is the “Workspace Ribbon” which is a menu of all the spaces available to be viewed virtually. Simple select one of the workspaces and click on it tpo be able to view it.

Floor Plan

Located below the “Workspace Ribbon” is the “Show Floor Plan” button. Selecting this will bring up the floor plan of our facility, with drop pins highlighting all of the workspaces available for virtual vieing.

Once you have selected a workspace to view, via one of the above options, using the mouse and / or keyboard, you can do a complete 360 degree virtual tour of the space.

Project T offers end to end business services from a world class facility that can cater to startup and established companies, both domestic and foreign. Knowing that our clients need to stay competitive in their lines of business, we can assure you a quality of service and amenities that will provide you a company’s brand with the image it deserves.

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Stewart McGregor

Sales and Marketing Consultant for Project T, with extensive experience in the Outsourcing and Flexible Workplace Industries.