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The growth of the Flexible Workspace Industry

We all know the success stories of certain giants who once started off in such humble beginnings.

Google (initially known as Backrub) was the brain child of Larry Page and Sergey Bin, and was born out of their dorm rooms at Stanford University in 1995. A financial investment into their business in 1998 saw them move from their dorm room to their first office, a garage in suburban Menlo Park, California,

Dell, a Fortune 500 company, and pioneer in desktop computers, started off for founder Michael Dell as PC’s Limited. Initial operations of Dell’s company ran from Dell’s dorm room, until he decided to drop out of college to run his company full time. 

In the fall out of World War II Ruth and Elliot Handler started making picture frames, and took to using scraps left over from their frames to make doll houses. Discovering that doll houses were more lucrative than picture frames, the beginnings of what is now Mattel was born out of a garage in Southern California.

What ties these three stories together, along with those stories of countless other success stories who came from humble beginnings, is that they originated outside of the traditional office space. Whether it was a dorm room, a kitchen table or a garage from where they originated, it would be some time in each of their journeys until they moved into a more traditional office or commercial spaces.


Serviced Office


It could be said that the dorm rooms, kitchen tables and garages of days gone by, are the coworking spaces and serviced office spaces that we see on the rise today. Now don’t get me wrong, businesses are still being born out of dorm rooms and kitchens all over the world, but with the growing need for start-ups and entrepreneurs to have a more professional face, the flexible workspace industry has grown leaps and bounds to give these companies the space and support to become a success.


coworking space


Whether it be a co-working desk amongst other like-minded professionals in a collaborative space, to a modern professional private office to continue the growth of your start-up, the flexible workspace industry provides ease of access to these spaces. On top of this they can provide reception and mail handling, spaces to hold meetings and seminars, an address and a location, all with the aim or providing a professional front to a business, allowing the creators to focus on making their business grow.


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