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Coworking Tips from Project T

The team at Project T have put together their top coworking tips, to help make your next coworking experience enjoyable and productive. The fantastic thing about these tips is that they can be applied to any coworking space you visit. The main aim is for you to remember to always be respectful and friendly when visiting a coworking space.


  1. Get To Know The Space

Take the time to get to know your coworking space. Talk to the team who manage the space to understand who to speak with for IT assistance or to book a meeting room. Knowing where the coffee machine and lounge areas are located, can make your time spent there more comfortable. Make sure you also take notice of the emergency exits.


  1. Clean As You Go

The desk you are working from today, could be used by a fellow coworker tomorrow. Make sure you tidy your space as you go about you work, ensuring you make space for other coworkers. When it comes to common areas and pantries, apply the same rule here, so that all of your co-workers can enjoy them.


  1. Be Mindful Of Your Surrounding

Working in a coworking space, you should always be mindful of your surroundings and those working beside you. If you need to take an important or personal call, look for a quiet area of the space to take the call. If you want to watch a video or listen to music as you work, make sure you have your headphones plugged in.


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  1. Choose Your Mood

Everyone wants to work in a coworking space that has a friendly and welcoming energy. When you visit a co-working space, make sure your mood adds to this energy and does not detract from it. A wave and a smile to your fellow co-workers is always a good place to start.


  1. Network Respectfully

Working from a coworking space, provides you with the opportunities to meet and work alongside people from different industries, and maybe even different countries. Take a moment to introduce yourself to your fellow coworkers, and where appropriate get to know more about their work and their industry. Remember that everyone is there to work and be mindful of this when networking.


  1. Refer a Friend or colleague

If you are happy with your coworking space, do the management a favor and tell as many of your colleagues and friends about it. Also take the time to write a review or share your experience on social media.

We hope that these tips are of use to you next you visit a coworking space. Feel free to share any of your own tips coworking tips in the comments section below.


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