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Benefits of Coworking Over a Home Office

When launching a new startup business, the most obvious place to do this from is your house. Setting up a home office negates the need to rent office space, and you save valuable time and money not paying for rent or traveling to the office. Whilst these are positive reasons for a setting up a home office, there are many negative aspects, such as isolation, distractions and the state of your home office environment that can make working from home a hard task.

Here are three reasons why a coworking space could increase your productivity and improve the professional image of your business:


Let’s face it, who would not love to be able to wake up and walk down the hall to their home office and kick off the work day still in their pajamas. A home office can be very convenient and very comfortable, it call also be a distraction from being totally productive. Whilst it is an office, it is an office within your home, and with that comes distractions such as children, household chores, or temptations such as watching TV or catching up with a friend on the phone.

Coworking spaces are designed to keep you productive and engaged in your work, keeping you away from any personal distractions or temptations (provided you have the will power to self-manage your social media use). Whether it’s the free flowing coffee, the well-designed work spaces, or the high speed and redundant internet, a co-working space is better suited than a home office to keep you focused and productive.





The saying goes “Home is where the heart is”. It is also the where the kids leave their toys out, where the trash has not been taken out, and where the dog has left paw prints on the floor. And no matter how much care and attention you put into designing your home office, your actual home is not the ideal setting for a business meeting or collaborating with new partners.

Coworking spaces provide all the necessary facilities to give your business a professional edge. From meeting rooms, projectors, high-speed internet, and communal gatherings for networking and collaboration, all you need to do is invite your guests and WOW them with your professional office space.  All this without you having to pick up toys or vacuum the floor before your guests arrive, as the Coworking space will take care of all the cleaning.


coworking meeting space



Working from home can be very restrictive for networking with link minded entrepreneurs and professionals. It does not allow for the natural meeting of people as your home is traditional for meeting with friends and family. Also working by yourself, or with one or two colleagues in your home, can also dampen your creative drive due to your environment and interactions remaining the same.

The beauty of coworking spaces is that they are filled with like-minded individuals spanning different industries and different growth periods in their businesses. And due to the communal set up of co-working spaces, they allow for natural interactions with these linked minded creatives. From this you might meet your next business partner, or seek advice on how to grow your business.

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