December 12, 2018, 2:18 pm

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Virtual Office

With the rise of nontraditional businesses such as online store, network marketing, startups, entrepreneurial endeavors and many more, so too must the types of services required to support these business types. Due to financial constraints, these businesses cannot always afford to move into traditional or shared working spaces, with most choosing to operate from their homes initially.

Whilst working from home may solve the financial challenges of running a business, it can often pose other challenges around creditability or professionalism, due to the stereotypes that are conjured up when we think of home businesses.

One solution that can help alleviate these problems is to open a virtual office. A virtual office can provide you with all of the benefits of setting up an office, without actual going through the process of opening an office. For a monthly fee, a virtual office will provide you with access to office amenities on an as need basis and a business address for you customer engagement

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why the virtual office can help your startup or entrepreneurial business.

Office Facilities

The virtual office is great for startup and home businesses because it can provide your business with professional facilities to allow you to meet your clients. Most virtual office packages will provide access to conference and meeting rooms that have all of the modern technologies to conduct client presentations, or video conferences with remote employees or clients.

Conference Room


Your virtual office solution will provide you with the same services and amenities even as your business grows. Provided you observe you contractual agreements about meeting room hours, and the like, it does not matter (in most cases if you have 2 people in a meeting or 10.  As your business does grow, it does pay to keep your virtual office provider updated on your growth to ensure that they have meeting and conference rooms to fit your team members and clients.


Need to Commute

Commute times are on the increase in most major cities, as they struggle to keep up with the need to transport citizens around on a day to day basis. Public transport can be a problem solver here, if your business or place or work is near a bus or train stations. A virtual office can be better solution to your problem, as it reduces the need to travel to the office, only when you actually have to be in the office to meet a client or conduct a meeting. For the rest of your work commitments you can do these from your home office, giving you back the time spent on commuting and reducing your foot print on the environment.


Location, Location, Location

Most virtual office providers, are located in the most popular and sought after business districts, and will allow you to use their address as our company address. This address can be used to resister your business, or to promote your business location on marketing materials and social media. The befits of this are endless, however most importantly it gives your business a professional address, and for those businesses starting up extra creditability. Initial virtual office costs are usually the first month’s rent as a deposit and the first month’s rent. In comparison with conventional leasing and other options, it has to be one of the least expensive options, to get your business into a prime business district.



A virtual office product is one of the most inexpensive solutions in the market that provides you with access to professional office space and facilities. A monthly fee is all that is required by to access these facilities, and again is a much cheaper option that leasing your own space.


So there you have it. If you are running a nontraditional business and need a lift in your company’s credibility and professional footprint, then look no further than a virtual office. Project T can provide you with a virtual office product that will suit the needs of your business.

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