November 26, 2018, 9:31 am

5 Questions to Ask When Moving Office

If you have ever had to move office, you will understand that this is a task that should never be undertaken lightly. The are some many things to consider and plan for to ensure your business remains operational, and that you employees are fully informed and considered along the way.

In this blog piece, we will look at the top 5 questions that you need to ask when moving office.

Have you completed the necessary requirements?

Moving office will always require you to enter into an agreement with an owner or landlord. Whether you’re moving into a rented space, a serviced office environment, or you are taking the plunge and purchasing a space, there will always be documents and requirements to consider. Make sure that you get the correct legal advice and that your lawyer reviews tour contract so that it works in your favor. Prior to signing and then making the move into the new space, ensure that you have all the required deposits and advance payments taken care of.


What do you need for your new office?

Before you begin the process of moving office, you should take stock of your current office and understand what furniture you have, what services you have connected and most importantly how many employees you have. Then compare this to your new space and find out if your current furniture will fit / suit the space, what services are already available, and do you have the space for your current employees plus room to grow.

Office Needs

How will you complete the office move?

Organizing to do the move yourself, could be costly for your company in many ways. Unless you run a removal company, moving furniture is typically not in your lane, and thus if you undertake this yourself you expose yourself to many risks. Risks could include, underestimating the time and manpower required to complete the move, damaging or break furniture and equipment, and most importantly injuries from improper lifting or accidents.

The recommendation for any company that is moving office is to consider hiring professional movers. Office moves are in their lane of expertise and they can ensure it is done on time and with less risk to your furniture and equipment.  A dedicated office removal company is probably the best idea. Their experience in moving offices means they’ll know how to go about the operation in the best way. Hiring external experts can also help guarantee that you don’t lose any downtime to the running of your business due to the move.

Office Move

How will this affect your clients / suppliers / customers? 

An important task that simply cannot go unmissed, is updating those that your business works with and for to ensure that they know your plans for your office move. They need to know that you are moving so that they can keep in contact and doing business with you, but also so they can expect potential delays or disruptions due to the physical move itself. Don’t also forget to update your companies marketing materials and social media accounts do that future clients and suppliers can find you in your new office.

How will this affect your staff?

Another consideration of moving office is, how this will impact your employees. A good idea is to discuss the change of location and see if this brings up any challenges for your employees in travelling to the new office. You should also consider that the new office location is central to public transport and food and services. Also if the office move is going to affect your operations, maybe consider allowing employees to work from home for the period of the move.

Having a contingency plan for emergency scenarios, such as no heating or air conditioning, or delays with your internet and telecommunication services. Consider looking into hiring portable heaters or coolers, and have spare mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices available to allow for operations to continue.


We hope that these questions help bring some organization to the chaos of an office move. If you are planning an office move in the near future….. Good Luck!

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