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Serviced Office and Co-Working Space


Flexibility of Terms

Most businesses that rent serviced offices are looking for short-term lease agreements. Project T offers flexible terms. Clients can get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rates. Such flexibility on contract lengths give the business owners time to test the market in the Philippines before fully committing to a permanent facility.

Low Outright Payments

Traditional spaces often call for huge outright payments. It is common practice to get two months deposit and two months of advanced payments. You can get serviced offices on a month-by-month basis. For traditional spaces, you often need to provide your own furniture, equipment, internet connection, and phone lines. These will all incur huge amounts of money. Instead of spending that much on your first month, it is better to pay for a seat in serviced office. Project T facility has all these ready for you.

Move-in Won’t Incur Downtime

When you transfer to a new office, you usually need a few months to set-up everything. The long list of “to dos” include furniture, computers / laptops, phones, internet connection, water and electricity connections etc. Project T serviced offices, also known as plug and play facilities, can be used in a moments notice. Per seat rate includes a chair, table, desktop (Dell i5), internet connection, electricity and water fee, admin and IT support, plus the shared facilities that you will usually only see in big offices.

You don’t need to wait for lead times for delivery nor the installation days from phone companies and internet providers.

Access to Shared Facilities

You can pay for one seat and enjoy using the shared facilities. Project T’s office has a business lounge, two pantries, a receiving area, workpods, meeting and interview rooms, training rooms, business center, clinic, sleeping quarters and a game nook.

Swing Space for Test The Water Days

You don’t need to enter into a long term contract yet if you are still at the testing point for a certain market. With a plug and play office, you can check the feasibility of your services in different locations without spending a significant amount of money. Having this flexibility gives you more freedom to choose the most suitable market and location with minimal risk.

Access to Quality IT Infrastructure

It is expensive to pay for your IT infrastructure let alone set-up one. Project T strive to maintain state of the art IT infrastructure technology and will ensure that all of their services and facilities are of the highest quality. Using our serviced offices means that you also have access to all these carefully planned IT systems while paying for a minimal fee.

Access to Highly Trained Manpower

Getting a serviced office also gives you access to an almost free pool of manpower. The per seat rate includes basic IT and Admin support. You won’t have to pay two extra employees to work on your IT needs nor hire a receptionist, an admin person and a facility personnel to supervise the maintenance of your office, handle mails and calls, or even check whether it’s too cold or too hot in the office and if you have enough coffee in the pantry. Project T will take care of all these while you focus on your own operations. Our team is composed of competent and highly trained staff who can assist you in different fields. IT assistance for example, is available 24/7. In a traditional office, you would need to pay at least 2 IT staff to cover 24 hours of operations. Serviced offices won’t make you pay extra for such.

24 / 7 Facility Maintenance

Spending time and money maintaining an office can be seen as an unnecessary expense. This is another reason to get a serviced office. Project T facility officers are available 24/7 to make sure your office is clean and in order.